Breath work is normally a breathing exercise that help people improve their physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing. There are several breathwork benefits and they include:

Helps build resilience

Just like resistance training, breath work also helps create minor stressors in different parts of the body thus making it to become strong over time. It also helps improve mood because during the exercise happy hormones are normally released.

Its aids reduce the level of stress, anxiety and depression thus improving mental health. It also aids in reversal of chronic illnesses such as diabetes and arthritis. Breath work helps improve immunity and also reduces inflammation, because during breathing the immune system is stimulated.

Breath work also promotes a fast exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide that helps increase the bloods PH.

During the process of breathing several things take place and they include: the diaphragm contracts and moves upward which increase space in the chest cavity, whereby both the rib cage move upward and inward.