Good designs can be used to solve many challenges faced in the real world. On the other hand, poor designing can create many problems. These effects can be seen in everyday items as well as structures and public places. Good quality structural design not only solves practical and functional problems, it also offers safer structures that can be made with less materials. When a goal can be achieved with minimalist design, there is no need to use more materials. The design thinking USA solutions require creative thinking to address challenges. It is driven by real-world examples, iteration and feedback.

This technique can be used in many other settings. Educationists use it to create study, training and learning modules. They solve classroom challenges and devise better strategies to handle conflicts and social challenges faced by the students. The root cause of the problem is identified. It helps solve the problem with appropriate solutions. The solution can include some design elements as well. Adjustments are made regularly based on the feedback received from the stakeholders.