This type of granola is made from nuts, oats, honey, seeds and sweeteners such as brown sugars. Matcha powder is then added to the mixture. Discussed here are the benefits of matcha granola.

Weight loss

Matcha powder increases metabolism and aids in the burning of fat. This coupled with the low-calorie diet of granola helps in shedding off weight.

Improve Liver Health

Added matcha in granola has been seen to be useful in removing toxins from the kidney. Studies have been shown that matcha reduces the risks of damaging the liver and kidneys at the same time.

Cancer Prevention

Matcha has high levels of catechin which has been studied and shown to have properties of anti-cancer. It has been seen to reduce tumour sizes and slow down the growth of tumour cells.


Addition of matcha to granola meal doubles the health benefits that granola has been seen to have on people.