Benefits Of Using Sprinkler Irrigation System.


The sprinkler irrigation system is a method of irrigation that resembles rainfall whereby water is pumped through pipes and then sprayed into the air through the sprinklers and then it falls down into small drops.

This type of irrigation is appropriate for industrial, agricultural, residential use, and also in areas where there is a shortage of water.
Some of the benefits of using sprinkler irrigation are;

It cost-effective, suitable for almost all soil types, increases yield, helps reduce soil compaction, is easy to operate, aids in alteration of microclimate, and provides frost protection. Sprinkler irrigation covers both small and large areas and is appropriate for all crop types and no terracing is needed with this type of irrigation.

Sprinkler irrigation also saves on land because no bunds are needed, the system does not easily clog, and also areas that are higher than the sprinkler can also be easily irrigated.

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