We certainly do love our scented candles. Not only do they add a nice scent to our homes, but they also create a relaxing ambiance.

In recent years, information has started to come out about the adverse health effects of burning certain candles. Some common store-bought candles contain chemicals that fill the air inside our homes and can make us sick. However, there are alternatives to these candles that work just as well and the Best All Natural Candles can be found just about anywhere these days.

Candles that use essential oil, beeswax, soy and vegetable wax are the safest candles to burn. The widest variety of these candles can be found online but some department stores and specialty home decor stores may also carry them.

There really isn’t much difference between these natural candles and your old candles. They still smell nice and create the same relaxing ambiance you look forward to every evening.