If you are suffering from spider or varicose veins, your doctor would have suggested you exercise daily. However, not all types of exercises are suitable for people who suffer from damaged veins. One of the safest and most effective exercises for spider veins treatment is swimming. To know more- read the guide below.

#1: Boost Circulation

Poor circulation causes the blood to pool in the veins leading to damaged veins. Swimming helps improve blood circulation in the legs. As you swim, the blood is pushed back to the heart more efficiently. It also works on various muscle groups in the body, improving overall circulation.

#2: Lose Weight

When valves inside the veins become weak, it becomes difficult to keep the blood flowing through. Weight gain can make it even more difficult for these valves to allow blood flow through your veins. This increases the risk of having damaged veins. If you are trying to lose weight and elevate some of the spider veins symptoms, swimming is a good option.

#3: Reduce Pain

Cardio exercises like running can put pressure on your legs and irritate your swollen veins, increasing your pain. Swimming reduces the effect of graving on your legs, relieving pressure on the veins and making it easier for them to heal.

Swimming regularly can highly beneficial in reducing your chances of developing spider or varicose veins. However, if you are already living with spider veins, this low- impact exercise will help ease your symptoms and prevent them from becoming worse.