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Best Face Wash For Acne


The Best Face Wash for Acne depends your age and skin type. There are different treatments depending on the type of acne, a patient’s age, and the doctor’s evaluation. There are many over the counter options that can be tried to determine what works best for you.

Light therapy is one method of acne control that has grown in popularity of the last ten years. The use of lights to kill the bacteria that causes acne is a proven method to reduce redness and improve skin condition.

Steroid injections is a more extreme option that can be performed by a dermatologist as a temporary solution. The side effects of this type of treatment are concerning and therefore it is a temporary solution.

Chemical peels are a dermatologist approved treatment for acne. A chemical peel can improve redness, decrease bacteria growth, and reduce fine lines. Check with your dermatologist to determine the best option for you.

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