If you are looking for the best glass to serve whiskey, vodka, or scotch to your friends and guests, then you need the Best Glass for Scotch. The glasses serve two important purposes that are drinkability and appearance. When it comes to drinkability, the glass should be made of a material that won’t stain easily like plastic. This will prevent your guest from discoloring their whiskey after the first few drinks. The appearance of the glass also has a lot to do with its drinkability, which is why some people prefer cocktail glasses instead of all glass.

The Best Glass for Scotch is a durable glass and a glass that will not break easily. You have to remember when you are choosing a glass because you should look for one that is not very porous. Scotch glass should not be made of a very porous material because this means that the liquid will run. Also, a Scotch glass is prone to breakage, so you will want to find one that is a little bit thinner in the middle but thicker on the edges.