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Business Computer Repairs Penrith: Learn More


Business Computer Repairs Penrith is a business that offers computer repairs and other business IT services. They are located in Sydney, Australia. Learn more about their business by reading this article!

1) What services do they offer?
They also provide:
Network cabling and hardware installation.
Data recovery services.
Business IT support.
On-site visits to companies.

2) What do customers say about the service of this store?
A business owner in Penrith, NSW wrote on a local business review website that they managed to fix their computer within 24 hours and at an affordable price. They also said the staff was courteous and friendly when setting their computer, which was great!

“I highly recommend them for your business IT needs.” Sally B., Customer
39 What is the cost of their services?
The business offers a free consultation for business owners to advise them about what they need and how it will benefit their business. The standard price is $100 per hour, but this may vary depending on the situation of each company.
This is an attractive alternative that we can evaluate as a technical support ally for our business.

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