A bustier bodysuit mainly helps to push the breast up and also shapes the waist. It usually goes down covering the torso and the crotch. A bustier is a perfect fit for ladies who wish to have a fuller bust. They make one feel more beautiful and give a sense of confidence.
Bustier should be paired with a body shaper to help bring out the curves nicely. One does not need a bra while wearing a bustier because it gives the same effect. They have an underwire and also straps that help in adjusting to help lift the bust well.
Bustier may also have a thong bottom with snap closure, a hidden side zip, or hooks at the back or in the front for easy wearing. A bustier can be paired with trousers, long or short skirts and also a pair of shorts. Lace bustier goes well with high waist shorts or trousers that make someone look a bit taller.