Many industries use sterilization devices to sterilize different types of things. These devices are especially necessary in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, medical labs and microbiology labs. Different types of sterilization equipment are used to sterilize devices, medical supplies, medical instruments, and other things. Some of the equipment include autoclaves, sterilization-in-place system, oven, heat sterilizers, media sterilizers, UV chambers and steam sterilizers.

An autoclave works by subjecting the internal chamber to pressurized steam. The steam is maintained at 15 PSIG, minimum 121 degrees C, and at least for 20 minutes. Buyers look for automatic operation, pre-vacuum cycles for air removal, and easy to close-door features when buying an autoclave equipment. Items like powders and oils are sterilized using hot air. These materials are sterilized in dry heat ovens and sterilizers. Gentle and rapid sterilization of culture medium is ensured in media sterilizers. This machine offers precision control and monitoring of temperature and pressure. It comes with simple programming to automate various steps during the sterilization process.