A towel warmer, also known as a heated towel rail or towel radiator, is a unique feature designed to warm towels quickly before use. For years, European hotels have utilized them as both drying/heating tools and combined towel-rails/radiators. Today, the towel warmer is an attractive bathroom accessory for both drying and warming towels in a central location.

This unique product is available as either a freestanding or mounted towel radiator. An alternative to the freestanding radiator is the wall-mounted towel warmer. Wall-mounted units are often larger than freestanding units, but they offer advantages such as sturdiness and design for larger rooms. When positioned against a wall, the freestanding warmer has the advantage of being invisible and hidden while providing heated towel service. They can be mounted on any flat wall, including bare walls or ceilings. Freestanding radiators typically include two separate panels which are attached to the wall or hung on a stand.