You will need a heavy-duty A3 multifunction printer for office, business or commercial requirements. This printer is capable of printing up to A3 size print. It can be used to print large documents like posters, maps and other promotional materials. Most printers are designed to handle only up to A4 size prints. It works well for most printing requirements. However, A3 size printing is also needed for various applications. If you need such large prints frequently, it is better to buy your own printer rather than visit a printing store frequently.

Different models of printers are available even within this category. You will find products from top brands that offer excellent printouts. Be ready to spend more if you need more features and a larger printer. You will find both desktop and heavy-duty MFP models in this range. Choose the MFP model for large printing requirements. You can take help of an online price comparison tool to find the cheapest printer. However, make sure the printer you buy has all the features you will need.