The best smelling candles? This is a subjective question, which is why finding the perfect scent for your home can be challenging—just as finding your favorite perfume; choosing a personalized scented candle can be difficult. Maybe you are attracted to the calming properties of rose or big into creamy lavender.

Whatever your reason for wanting to create a unique home fragrance, it may be time to get to work on building your perfect aroma. The first thing to consider when deciding on the ascent is the theme you want your home to have. If you prefer more woodsy scents, you should consider a woodsy fragrance. If you want something that smells good to sleep with, consider aromatherapy scents. For your kitchen, think about something fruity. For your bathroom, something sweet and floral, maybe the right choice. The idea is to find the best scented candles that bring out the best characteristics of your personality.