An inflatable boat, also known as an inflatable boat, is usually a buoyant boat made of strong, flexible plastic materials, usually with its bow and stern made out of strong pressure-resistant plastic tubes containing compressed air. These kinds of inflatables are used for all sorts of water-related activities, including racing, rafting, windsurfing, speed-charging, and much more. Typically, these boats can be stored away easily and then reused in the future.

Inflatable boats are generally inflated using pumps usually located either on the boats’ sides or at the end of the hull. Pumps work with an air pump that creates bubbles inside the rigid plastic tubes, thus raising the overall volume by inflation. This process happens continuously under the guidance of an onboard computer system that keeps track of the expansion and deflation of the unit. The overall pressure also depends on the resistance level between the rigid ribs and the surrounding water, which are increased or decreased depending on how each side’s angle with the water is configured.