New parents and hospital attendants are familiar with receiving blankets. These blankets are designed to wrap newborns. Even so, they should be convenient for the baby. This article outlines the basic elements to look at when purchasing a newborn hospital blanket.


Newborns are highly sensitive to fabrics. Thus, buy smooth blankets as rough surfaces might be uncomfortable to them. Refrain from using rough receiving blankets as they can harm their skin.


Check the material used and verify that the fabric is soft. Read the product description to determine whether the blanket is smooth enough for babies. Besides, verify that the texture is soft.


Get a receiving blanket that can be used in numerous ways. A good blanket can be a nursing cover, swaddling, or burp cloth. Thus, purchase cloth with various qualities.


Ensure that the baby blankets are washable. Avoid materials that fade or lose quality when washed. Moreover, choose the right size for hospital blankets.