What is the best Scotch glassware for drinking from? If you’re looking for the best glass for the best scotch, there is a wide selection of different styles, sizes, and types of glasses that you might want to consider. You can go about investing in some new glassware for your home bar or evening social gathering.

The best scotch glasses, when looking at what is available, will be the tumbler glass. This has a small reservoir like a soda can, and the liquid is served in a unique can-styled mouthpiece that holds a bottle of the liquid in place. This glassware style is excellent for mixing drinks quickly and easily and can make an excellent sampler to show off the various scotch blends you’ve chosen.

If you’re interested in investing in some old-fashioned, square whiskey glasses, you’ll be happy to know that some will work great for the classic beverage. Old Fashioned whiskey glasses are perfect for showing off the age of your favorite scotch or showing affection for a certain brand.