C Spanner is a global decision support system that helps C-level executives make better decisions for their companies faster. C Spanner was created by Cogito Corporation to help businesses run more efficiently and to increase revenue by making more intelligent decisions.

What features does it have?

It offers the following features:

– Cogito Insight – C Spanner’s real-time data analytics engine collects data from all over the web, including social media sites like Twitter, blogs, newspapers, and other sources. This way, you can get an accurate picture of what people are talking about right now, so you don’t have to wait for your company’s quarterly reports!
– Cogito Intelligence – The intelligence engine analyzes all of this data to provide real-time insights. Cogito Intelligence can detect changes in social sentiment, measure customer experience, brand health, track brand mentions across the web, and identify what people are saying about your competitors!
– The C-Spanner platform is a global decision support system that provides you with a deep understanding of consumer behavior and trends through big data analytics & visualization tools. You’ll get the data visibility necessary to make accurate decisions for a competitive advantage. This insight enables businesses to spot new opportunities early on and quickly adapt strategies according to changing market conditions.

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