Car loans refer to all the different financial instruments that enable an individual to obtain a vehicle, such as personal loans and car leases. There are several options available when seeking a loan for a car. The borrower can get an auto loan from a dealership, or he can shop around online to find the lowest rates. If the person does not have a good credit history, the interest rate will be higher. However, if the borrower makes timely payments, he can often obtain reasonable rates.

Auto loans can be obtained from banks, dealerships, credit unions, and online lenders. Dealerships usually offer the lowest interest rates for brand new vehicles. Many online dealerships also offer finance options that do not require a credit check. The financing options are often better than at local dealerships because of the lower interest rates.

Online lenders can provide reasonable interest rates for those with good credit. Many websites are available for dealerships to choose from when getting a loan. These online lending sites require no credit check, which can make the process convenient for many consumers. However, auto loans obtained through these websites may not offer the same benefits as those obtained through a local dealership. For instance, at a local dealership, you get the quick option to test drive the vehicle and inspect it physically without wasting any time.