There are many different Programmer Career Path to choose from. Programmers often have a wide variety of career paths they can take, which leads to decisions about what kind of programmer they want to be and what their goals are. Their jobs range from software developers who create programs for computers, game programmers who make games for consoles like Xbox or Playstation, web developers who build websites using languages like HTML and CSS, or people who design computer graphics.

These three points provide an overview of the Programmer Career Path:
Programmers are an essential part of the workforce. The career can take many different paths, as there are many programming languages for programmers to learn and specialize in. The job outlook is good, but it’s not without its challenges.

-Web Programmers (focus on frontend) can make between $55,000 and $180,000 per year, depending on skills and experience. These days web developers are in high demand because a large portion of business transactions is online.

– Mobile Programmers (focus on backend): To earn the title, one must be skilled in programming backend software for mobile devices. Programming languages that are useful for this job include C++ and Java. Their primary focus is to design applications to run in a controlled device setting such as Apple’s iPhone or Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 environment.

– Programmers, who specialize in one computer language or game engine, create the code of a video game. Game programmers spend time learning about specific features of the programming language when they create their games. They use this knowledge to then split up the programming work with other people on the team and set long-term goals for themselves beforehand.

Any of these paths require effort and discipline. Pick your favorite and go for it.