Careers for Veterans provide veterans with services that help them find work in their field after leaving the military. They do this by providing job placement assistance, counseling, training, and other employment-related programs to meet veteran’s needs.
Careers for Veterans is a non-profit organization that helps veterans get back on track into civilian life through education, training, and jobs opportunities. It has been active since 2000 providing career development services to thousands of veterans across the country each year who want to start or change careers but lack the essential skills or experience needed to be successful today.

Career Opportunities – Many Careers for Veterans offer many different types of jobs in diverse industries such as science, business, technology, and medicine.
Financial Rewards – Financial stability can be hard to find these days. Still, Careship opportunities exist that provide stable income levels with excellent benefits packages, including health and dental insurance, 401k plans matching company contributions, paid vacation time, and generous leave policies.

Professional Growth – Careers for Veterans careers are a perfect way to start an exciting new chapter of your life! New skills will fuel you professionally while also helping you mentally grow as well.

All veterans should be proud of their service to our country. It is a noble profession and one that deserves respect.