Channeling Sessions are a new form of educational experience that combines the immersive qualities of virtual reality with the benefits of self-directed learning. It allows users to explore different environments and learn about topics in a personalized manner while still retaining some level of control over their engagement with content. Channeling sessions have been shown to increase retention rates by up to 40%. These are three benefits:

Channeling Sessions provide an immersive experience for self-learning.
Channeling Sessions include the ability to explore various environments.
Channeling Sessions can help you retain more information than traditional methods, such as reading or listening.

Are Channeling Sessions easy?

They are easy to use and have been designed for all skill levels. They allow learners who prefer visual and auditory learning techniques and those with non-traditional schedules the opportunity to engage in a self-directed educational experience that fits their needs.
As you can see, these sessions provide benefits and are designed for different levels. They adjust to different schedules and are an excellent opportunity for those who don’t like the traditional learning methods. So, try them! Learning is always a good thing.