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Chastity Device to tame your Sub


Orgasm control is one of the most fulfilling adventre to dominate your Sub. This is the only way to gain control over your Sub—using  chastity device.

These devices would preclude someone from participating in any genital stimulation, whether it is masturbation or intercourse, unless, of course, permission is given by the Key Holder.

The most popular ones are male chastity devices, which can be worn for brief or prolonged periods.

This is because most models will enable you to go to the bathroom and wash as required, thanks to the well-positioned holes on the devices.

As they can only be worn for brief periods, female chastity belts are a bit more of a niche. This is because you can’t certainly go to the toilet with these. For relaxation, it’s also not difficult to wiggle around and rub on them.

 Chastity equipment is everywhere; it’s a matter of which appeal to your taste and preference. Do yourself some good, jump on the online space and look for what best suits you.

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