Imagine a new starting with a chemical peel, it removes damaged outer layers of your skin, naturally reforms your skin with a radiant look and enhance your entire face. It gives you flawless skin when you get it done from an expert esthetician, like Dr. Torgerson. He can deliver the most effective facial enhancement results. Some specific areas of the face can effectively treat with Chemical Peels Toronto. It can reduce wrinkles efficiently, especially around the eyes and lips. They can also be used to treat abnormal skin, sun-damaged skin, and acne-prone skin with a lot of scars. But, definitely, there are a few important things about chemical peels that you are unaware of, here they are:

  • Chemical peels cure acne scars quickly! In a chemical peel session, your skin’s upper layers are cleaned away and the intense exfoliation of your skin gives the best results. A session takes only one hour to be performed. But, if you get a series of sessions, it will leave your complexion clearer and less plagued by scarring.
  • Besides it, Chemical peels are also used to remove the appearance of new stretch marks! If you have newly formed stretch marks from pregnancy and you have gained huge weight, you can get in touch with Dr. Torgerson to make stretch marks appear less visible.
  • Most of the people think cosmetic treatments are only meant for women, but you will be surprised by knowing that chemical peels are one procedure that gives effective results even to male patients! It is an excellent way to solve the problems of complexion that affect both men and women.
  • If you have a dark complexion and you want to get fair complexion only for your special days like a wedding day or a date, you can get done chemical peels treatment on your skin. If you get it done a few days before the day, you will get a clear and vibrant skin that you can’t mimic with makeup alone.
  • Collagen production is caused by chemical peels! That’s right, this treatment helps to increase collagen levels in your skin which rejuvenate the skin for a more healthier, firmer and younger look.
  • How much the effect of chemical peels last? it entirely depends upon how deep the peels penetrate. This is because a chemical peel does nothing, as a cosmetic line does to increase the volume under the skin. The skin naturally returns to its corresponding state.