Childcare Design and Development is a significant concern for parents, educators, and child care providers. Childcare facilities need to be designed in such a way as to promote the healthy development of children who are both cognitively and physically challenged by their environment. Childcare designers have developed an approach called Child-Centred Design (CCD) which aims to make childcare spaces work with children’s natural developmental needs.
In this article, I will provide three points of Child-Centred Design:

1) Child-centred design focuses on the physical space where they spend most of their time; encouraging movement, exploration, playfulness, and creativity;
2) The use of open spaces allows for socialization amongst peers;
3) Child-centred design considers the importance of natural light and sound.

Childcare Design and Development is a subject that has been growing in importance for many years. Childcare Design and Development can help determine the amount of space required for childcare facilities and how each area should be laid out. It also includes considerations for accessibility, safety, sanitation, staffing levels, and children’s needs. Childcare Design and development is not just about designing a building – it is about creating an environment where children can thrive!