Dryer Vent Cleaning Seattle. The practice of cleaning your dryer’s exhaust pipe using a lint brush and vacuum is known as dryer vent cleaning. Dryers can’t function properly if this isn’t done, as the buildup will cause a build-up of heat and moisture that could lead to a fire hazard. They also need to be cleaned because they can catch on fire and burn down your house! Drying clothes in an unventilated area is not safe at all, so we recommend having it cleaned by professionals every few years.

Dirty Dryer Venting is a serious problem that can lead to many other costly problems. Dryer vents are often overlooked, but they play an important role in the life of your dryer. Over time, lint and debris accumulate within the venting system and restrict airflow. This restricts the ability for hot air to escape from your dryer’s drum which can cause overheating or over-drying cycles. Dryers with restricted airflow will also use more energy than necessary because it has to work harder in order to get all of the clothes dried even though you may have set it at a lower temperature setting.