Most Americans of Greek origin would be surprised by how much of the English vocabulary originated from the Greek language. Below is a list of common Greek words that are often used in the English language:

1. Acrobat
2. Bacterium
3. Cemetery comes from Greek words that mean dormitories for the dead.
4. Cynicism
5. Democracy means “Demos” or people and “kratos” or power, standing for power to the people.
6. Dialogue
7. Dinosaur
8. Economy
9. Europe combines the Greek words, “evrys” and “ops” to mean broad eye reflecting the myth that Zeus experienced love at first sight when he laid his eyes on the European lands.
10. Galaxy
11. Grammatical
12. Hermaphrodite
13. History
14. Idiot
15. Marathon-The distance between two Greek cities was 42.1 kilometers or 26.1 miles, the modern marathon’s course length.
16. Marmalade
17. Metaphor
18. Planet
19. Rhinoceros
20. Technology stems from the Greek work “technique” meaning to study a craft or art.