Common Types Of Shower Seat


Using bath seats can make life easy, mostly for old homeowners who need a safe place to take their shower. Additionally, shower seats can also serve a lot of purposes, depending on how it is made. The seats can dual as shelves or even a wheelchair accessible seat. To better know more about these seats’ various designs, provided below is some information on the shower seat.

Built-in with Base

This is a kind of seat that is crucial for persons that will need to sit down more often. These persons may include seniors or injured ones.

Floating seat

To add a modern look to your bathroom, then the recommended seat to have is the floating seat.

Folding Seat

For this kind of seat, it is necessary for individuals who will not need to use the seat every time they shower.


A shower seat is mainly a four-legged chair or bench and contains rubber on the feet to prevent the user from collapsing with the chair.

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