Driving under the influence can be a criminal offense. You will lose various driving privileges if convicted under the DUI laws. You may lose not only your driving license but your job as well. The court may put you behind the bars. At the same time, it is not completely hopeless. You still have several legal remedies available to you if you have been charged for DUI. Contact a Fairfax DUI lawyer if you want to avoid these problems. You should not delay in contacting the lawyer as the case becomes harder to defend if not defended and negotiated properly in time.

These laws are applicable for both drugs and alcohol. The charges will apply even if the alcohol concentration is less than the legal limit which is 0.08%. Minors are punished harsher under the zero tolerance law. You do not have a choice to refuse the breathalyzer test after being arrested. The refusal, if considered unreasonable, is illegal. If convicted, your license will be revoked or suspended by the DMV. Avoid all these problems by initiating your defense process immediately.