The corporate travel industry is a $600 billion market and growing. Many corporate travel solutions are available to help your company, but which should you choose? In this article, we’ll explore three corporate solutions: corporate jet charters, corporate car rentals, and corporate hotels. We’ll discuss the benefits of each solution and give an overview of how they work.

Corporate Jet Charters

If your company needs to fly from one location to another on short notice for a business meeting or emergency, then a charter flight might be right for you! A private jet can get you where you need to go in style without having to wait in lines at the airport or deal with security hassles.

Corporate Car Rental

If your employees frequently travel for business, then a corporate car rental plan could save them money! By purchasing or leasing cars through a national fleet company, your employees will get access to discounted rates on rentals in cities across the world.

Corporate Housing

If your company is relocating an employee or projects a lot of employees in the same city, then corporate housing may be suitable for you! You can get on-site service and discounted rates by renting corporate apartments through one of our partner companies.

To conclude, every corporation has its own unique travel needs, making it hard to find corporate solutions that fit everyone’s style.