Custody Lawyers in Michigan specialize in helping parents who have been awarded joint legal custody of their child or children. When a mother and father agree to share legal and physical custody of a child, they are said to be “joint custody.” In some instances, when one parent is the primary caregiver, the other parent can still be awarded custody but may be given visitation rights. This is called “over-custody,” and if one parent is awarded full custody, it means that the kid will spend more time living with that parent and less time with the other parent.

Joint-custody or sole-custody can be a very difficult decision to make. Parents can go to court and try to get custody of the kid, but they may need to file for custody if they can’t agree. This means that the child will spend more time living with each parent, but it could mean a lot of extra expense for the parents. Custody lawyers in Michigan help families in these situations and can help with the court proceedings.