A custom wine cellar design has to have a solid structure, great-tasting and smelling factor in order for it to be profitable for the winery. The smell has to permeate every inch of your wine cellar, and you cannot afford to compromise on this element. If the smell is too pungent, it might affect customers who might otherwise not even enter the wine cellar. The temperature of the room has to be just right as well, which will help the wine cellar maintain its humidity.

There are several metal wine racks on the market, and if you choose a metal rack, you must make sure that the rack has sufficient space for airflow. Airflow ensures that the wine cellars stay moist; therefore, they should be kept away from damp conditions. The metal wine racks can either be made from steel or chrome and if you go in for the latter, make sure that the metal racks are insulated properly so that all your wine bottles do not dry out. Properly insulated metal wine racks ensure that the humidity inside the wine cellars remains at a healthy level.