Using crystals for healing dates back to the ancient times of Egypt and Greece, where they used the crystals to purify themselves and heal their wounds. Today, the use of Crystals for Aura Cleansing has gained popularity in many cultures around the world. Crystals are often seen as a healing force, and they have been used in healing ceremonies by healers from the eastern cultures to the western cultures. In Eastern medicine, the crystal is seen as a talisman that protects the patient from harm, but in western medicine, crystals are not limited to just this one use. Crystals are now being used for other things like creating a positive aura and stress reduction, and other forms of health improvement.

When used in healing, crystals work with the body’s energies to either attract or repel them. By balancing the energies of a person, crystals can either strengthen or weaken the effect of an ailment. If you are feeling stressed and you place a crystal over your shoulder to relax, you will experience some relief from your stress.