The next time you see a tournament near you, it is likely that Disc Golf Australia will be one of the events you will be watching. As one of the most unique and challenging games, there is a lot to learn about this particular game. Although some players feel that there are too many differences between the various versions of the game, this is not true. The rules and principles are generally the same for each version. The courses are even the same, although you will find a wide variety of courses at most tournaments.

You will also find that the professionals playing Disc Golf are quite talented. If you can attend a tournament, you may be able to take some pro lessons before the tournament to become a better player overall. This can also help you practice for your tournament performance and give you an idea of how to pace yourself throughout the entire course. Although many beginners fail on the first day of a tournament because they overextend themselves, attending regular courses beforehand can help you avoid this problem and be a more successful player.