There are currently numerous options in at home hair removal. The option that will ultimately work best for you depends upon the length of time that you want the results to last, the nature, texture, and pigment of your skin, and any hair or skin conditions or other problems that you’re currently contending with. Strategies like sugaring and waxing remove unwanted hairs by the root. These are perfect for people who routinely suffer from shaving bumps, follicle infections, and rapid regrowth. Waxing and sugaring can produce a smooth, hair-free surface in no time, and the results can last anywhere between 10 and 21 days.

Shaving is ideal for people who do not grow a tremendous amount of unwanted hair, and who do not suffer from shaving bumps or skin sensitivities. It is quick and inexpensive. More importantly, unlike waxing, when it is done correctly shaving is entirely pain-free. For people who are looking to permanently or semi-permanently get rid of their unwanted hairs, in-home laser treatments are often best.