A 101 Level Introduction to Dog Training

Owning a dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences of one’s life. However, there are times when it can become the exact opposite. There’s one thing that dog owners need to understand about the balance between good and bad experiences though. And that’s the simple fact that the bad experiences usually just come down to miscommunication.

Almost every dog on earth wants to do right by his or her owners. Basically, one can be sure that any pet dog is a good dog. But a dog is essentially living within an alien environment. A dog is adapted to a wide open world of smells and fast paced runs. A more urban and sedentary environment tailored to humans requires some work to understand. And this is where dog training comes in.

Dog owners in Houston are lucky in that there are usually lots of wide open places to enjoy with one’s dog. And likewise, dog obedience training Houston style takes advantage of that fact. But it’s still a big project which needs to be tackled step by step.

It’s best to begin with a solid foundation. Professional dog obedience training Houston style will do a world of good for a dog. This can be thought of in some ways as teaching him the basics of what humans expect from him. From here one will be able to teach the dog what’s expected of him on a more individual level.

Next, take a clue from professional animal trainers and use games as a form of learning. Humans and dogs share a love of learning when it’s in the form of a game. Basically, learning can be fun for a dog. One should observe what kinds of tricks or puzzles a dog enjoys working on. This can then be incorporated into his day to day training. This can also be easily combined with positive reinforcement.

Positive reinforcement rewards good behavior with an enjoyable outcome. For example, a dog might like a specific treat. If one gives a new command and the dog obeys than this treat would be a good way to reinforce that behavior.

Of course there’s also problem situations which require a bit more work. One of the biggest issues people tend to encounter is housebreaking. Housebreaking, or potty training, is often one of the more difficult things to understand. One should consider just how much trouble young humans have with the idea. And bathrooms are designed around people’s needs. A dog and his canine mind have an even harder time with the idea that he shouldn’t just go when he feels the urge.

If a puppy or dog is having housebreaking issues than one might consider crate training. There’s some additional benefits to this as well. In particular it can provide one’s dog with the feeling of having places and items unique to himself. Basically, he can feel a sense of ownership. Lack of such is often the underlying issue with housebreaking problems.

Another issue with potty training is learning to deal with a leash. Again, one should consider just how difficult a concept this might be for a dog. The idea that he needs a piece of cloth around his neck to go outside won’t make much sense to a dog. And it’s basically down to proper training to get him used to the idea. But time and patience will eventually help a dog adjust to it. However, there’s another side to it as well.

Leash training, and really any training for that matter, will help humans communicate with the dog as well. It’s important to remember that a dog always wants to be good. It’s just a matter of both human and canine learning how to communicate what good behavior actually is.