Tattoos are a way to express ourselves, but sometimes we choose a tattoo that ends up not being a good fit. The absolute worse are the name tattoos, or those done by inexperienced artists. Sadly, some tattoo studios have artists that should not be doing tattoos because their work is substandard at best. Another issue with tattoos is that over time they fade and don’t look good anymore. When unhappy with a tattoo it may be time to consider getting a cover tattoo.

An experienced artist can assist with creating a design that will adequately cover up an undesirable tattoo. Careful consideration must go into the design plan; everything from the design, size, and colors will all impact how well a cover up tattoo will look. It’s always best to make sure to select a highly reputable tattoo shop and an artist that is experienced with doing cover pieces. Without being selective, a cover piece could end up worse than the original.