Annual flowers are a thing of beauty and wonder. The best annual flower seeds will have the ability to perform dual functions in a garden.

Sunflowers are one of the easiest annual flower seeds to grow. These gorgeous flowers are very simple to grow outside in just about any type of soil as long as it is in a sunny spot of the garden. If you have a bird problem you may want to consider starting these beauties indoors as birds and even squirrels will steal all of the seeds for their lunch. The giant flowers can help give shade to surrounding areas of the garden.

Marigolds are another gorgeous annual flower that is easy to start from seed. These little flowers not only look pretty but they can help keep some pests away from tomatoes if planted near them. Nasturtiums are just as gorgeous as the marigold and do their job at keeping pests away as well.

Chrysanthemums are very area specific but if they can be placed in a garden it is a great choice for an annual flower seed. These gorgeous plants are a powerhouse when it comes to pest repelling. They are known to repel ants, bed bugs, roaches, and even some beetles.

Annual flowers don’t have to be picked for their beauty alone. There are so many that supply beauty as well as being helpful in the garden.