Dynamic Application Security Testing


A dynamic application security testing tool refers to a browser-based application that interacts with a website through the internet front-end to identify security vulnerabilities in the website and application weaknesses. In other words, it acts as a black-hat or white-hat test of the website’s security. This is one of the most effective ways of finding out the loopholes in website security and hence acts as an essential component for successful website management. It performs a pure black-hat test of the website using no rules or specifications. The results generated are shown to the client to take remedial measures and implement appropriate security measures for the website.

There are many tools available for dynamic application security testing. One such popular tool for this purpose is the ‘Xenu,’ a simple black hat script. Another popular tool for this purpose is the DASTool, a simple black hat script the purpose. Both these tools can be downloaded from the respective websites. The Xenu can scan the entire database of the website to DASTool can scan only the files and folders of a website.

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