Educational toys for girls range from those that help to increase imagination while others have the ability to teach them math, reading, and even writing skills.

Matching games are great for girls ages 2 and up. These games help the child to learn problem solving skills while increasing their memory skills. One type of matching game can be found in full box sets with little cardboard tiles that the child has to find the matches in. There are some online games that include matching games for smaller children on them.

Girl toys that encourage a child to build their imagination skill could be anything from little play food to a stuffed bear. This category of toy is often over looked while parents and care givers try to find toys that help a child to learn, but imagination is just as important as other skills in a child’s life.

Art supplies are other excellent learning toys for girls. Crayons and coloring books or more elaborate drawing easel’s are great gifts to help a child learn. Believe it or not small children are graded on their ability to draw and cut in straight lines in early elementary school.

No matter what type of toy it is they should be those that fit best for the age range. Girls who are 2 to 3 years of age should not be given those that are geared toward a 6 year old. Little ones put small parts in their mouth so the toys in their age range will not include those.