Everyone finds facial hair frustrating. No matter how much you hate it, they are always going to be there. Luckily there are many effective ways to remove hair from the most prominent facial area – upper lips.

Let’s discuss the best way to remove upper lip hair. Nevertheless, if you want to make sure which option will suit your skin type best, it is advised that you talk to a dermatologist or any cosmetic professional. Also, you can find some valuable info concerning different hair removal products and equipment from justtalkbeauty.com.

Effective ways of removing upper lip hair

Shaving: This is the easiest and cost-effective way of removing upper lip hair. However, the results won’t last for long. People might start noticing hair regrowth within 2 days. For specifically shaving the upper lip area, you can purchase a smaller razor.

Tweezing: This is an effective way, but be rest assured it will take a lot of your time. With tweezing, you can remove one hair at a time, so it is a recommended method of hair removal only for smaller areas like the upper lip.

Epilating: For this method, you will need a handheld electronic device – an epilator. It works exactly like tweezers, but it is electrical and removes more than just one hair at a time. It is one of the best choices for upper lip hair removal at home. Epilation may cause some redness if you have sensitive skin, but it passes in a couple of hours.

Threading: It is like the most ancient way of removing hair. It works just like tweezing or epilating and removes the hair right from the root. The results will not last for very long, but it will last longer than shaving.

Spring tool: This is an efficient way of removing the small hair. You will need a spring hair removal tool, which is easily available at drug stores. Simply bend the spring stick into U-shape and roll it over your upper lip.

Hot waxing: This is comparatively a more painful option, but results last for long. To wax your upper lip, simply apply some hot wax on the area and press it down with a cloth. Now, pull the cloth in one swift motion, and you will see it will remove all the tiny hairs, leaving your skin smooth to touch.

Hair removal creams: Some sensitive hair removal creams are available especially for facial skin. Simply follow the instructions given on the pack, and you will be able to remove those unwanted hairs without enduring any pain.

Sugaring: This method works exactly like waxing, but instead of wax you apply sugar along with other natural ingredients. It not only removes the hair but even exfoliates your skin and softens it.

Laser hair removal: You must have heard about laser hair removal procedures. Yes, you can even remove facial hair with it. If you want, you can even purchase a home laser hair removal kit.

Electrolysis: This is like a permanent solution. An electrologist will remove your upper lip hair using an electrical current. In the process, your hair, as well as the follicle, is destroyed and this prevents regrowth.

Depending on the result you are expecting, you can choose any one of the methods mentioned above. You may even try multiple methods before finding the best one, as most of them have no serious side effects.