As the skin heals, a scar is formed and some of the ways that are used in facial scar treatment include;


This procedure is performed by a dermatologist who uses a wire brush to remove the top layer of the skin on the face. Dermabrasion is also known to be the most effective way of treating facial scars.

Chemical peels

In this method, chemical peels are applied on the top layer of the skin, whereby it peels off leaving one with a new layer.

Chemical peel is a popular way of treating facial scars but one should make sure that they get the peels from a licensed dermatologist.

Plastic surgery

This process is performed by a certified plastic surgeon who removes the scar surgically.

Laser treatment

This method uses laser rays to help remove the scar.

When removing a scar on the face, it’s always important to work hand in hand with a dermatologist so that they can advise on which method is the best.