The word embodied means “to put into form.” In this article, we will explore embodied empathy benefits

The first point embodied empathy has been shown to improve people’s ability to understand others’ thoughts and emotions, elaborated on below in more detail.
The second point, embodied empathy can lower anxiety levels by making someone feel safer in their environment because they are better able than without it to recognize potential threats around them, will also be elaborated on below with more supporting evidence.

Finally, the third point: embodied empathy has been linked with increased self-awareness (which we all know is good), which again can lead to an increase in safety and a decrease in anxiety.

Embodied empathy is the act of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and feeling their feelings as your own. It requires you to feel what they are feeling by embodying them. This could be a friend who has just lost a loved one or a coworker struggling with depression.