The variety of choices with Publix is incredible, and they are all delicious. From traditional white cake to chocolate almond cake, there is no flavor better than Publix cakes, and you can even purchase them in a variety of flavors. You can have a plain white cake or something with a frosting that is perfectly smooth. A variety of choices like Nutrex, Wheaties, and Chocovic are only a few of the choices available.

When it comes to the decorating of the cakes, it is a simple yet elegant process. Most of the cakes baked at Publix are fresh, and they are decorated right before your eyes. The artists who work there do a fantastic job, making each cake unique in its own fashion. They bring their expertise to the bakery and customers are very pleased with the quality of the cakes. With fresh-baked goods, Publix cakes and bread are the talks of the neighborhood.