Ethereum investment strategy: Ethereum is a cryptocurrency, similar to Bitcoin. It was created in 2015 and has seen substantial growth since then. Ethereum’s market cap currently exceeds $27 billion, making it the second most valuable digital currency on the planet (behind Bitcoin). It is often referred to as “the new internet.”

1) Ethereum can be mined like traditional cryptocurrencies; however, miners receive rewards after every block (instead of every four years like with Bitcoin), making them more profitable than mining other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin or Dogecoin.

2) Investing in Ethereum means investing in its founders and developers. They have major incentives to make sure their cryptocurrency survives and thrives in the long run. It is a young cryptocurrency, so it has yet to find its “killer app.” Still, Ethereum’s founders have proven themselves worthy through their past projects at Bitcoin Magazine and Ethereum itself.

Ethereum is a relatively new cryptocurrency with extremely high growth potential. It is currently the second-biggest cryptocurrency in market capitalization. Many experts predict it will become the most popular crypto in 2018.