Passaic chiropractic is one of the many types of chiropractic treatment available. It uses the same techniques as other chiropractors but uses its methods and approach to treatment. Passaic chiropractors will offer a host of options that will help you when you are in pain.

The adjustments that a chiropractor may make are classified as either manual or mechanical. Manual adjustments, such as spinal manipulations, are done by the chiropractor himself. Adjustments are used to encourage movement within the spine and to correct subluxations or neuromusculoskeletal dysfunctions. Mechanical adjustments are used to correct alignment issues and promote motion within the spine. Some chiropractors use trigger points in addition to manual adjusting to achieve better results.

A typical day at a Passaic chiropractor’s office will include a consultation in which the chiropractor will meet with you and discuss your medical history, your symptoms, and any questions that you may have about treatment options. You will be examined, and x-rays will be taken to help you determine your spine’s alignment. Your chiropractor will also discuss how he plans to manipulate your spine. You will be advised of proper techniques and steps to help you recover from your injury.