The loft is a measurement of angles created relative to the ground and clubface. It mainly affects control and is different for every club. Examples of golf club loft degrees.

Driver degree loft

Aloft is selected depending on the assessed speed of the club top. If it is between ninety-five and one hundred and four mph requires ten or eleven degrees, while that of one hundred and five and one hundred and fifteen mph, a loft between seven and nine should be considered.

Fairway wood loft degree

They have a more excellent loft than other drivers. A three wood has between fifteen and eighteen degrees, and a five-word has between twenty and twenty-two degrees.

Hybrid loft

They add additional value to a golfer’s bag. Hybrid is easier to use and is sold with several degrees. They are lofted between fourteen and eighteen degrees.


A golfer is likely to choose the type of loft that well suits him.