Hemp is made from the fibres of the marijuana plant and it is primarily used for making cloth. In the past, this type of fabric was prized for its durability and the way it would wear over time becoming soft and comfortable over its lifespan.

Examples of hemp clothing include jackets, dresses, skirts, pants and clothing for children. Hemp cloth was very popular for t-shirts because of it is resistant to wear and tear. While cotton t-shirts often shrink, warp or become threadbare after relatively few washes, t-shirts made from hemp will retain their integrity for many years.

Hemp fabric is also used for making towels because of its durability and because it is highly absorbent. For the same reasons it is also used for upholstery, dish towels and tablecloths. Hemp can also be mixed with other textiles, such as cotton, so it is soft on the skin but still very durable.