Every new project in an organisation requires specific, sequential and well managed planning on written basis. This planning needs to be well defined, categorised into different stages, the execution of which is done by specified members involved in the project. The project manager or the designated leader of the project interprets the requisite specifications and rules to be followed. In coordination with the team members, he creates a project management plan(PMP). The fundamental representation of the plan is outlined in the form of a written and approved document which defines the execution, monitoring and controlling of the project. This document delivers all the information related to the responsibilities of all the team members. The management of costing, schedules, human resource, quality, communication, procurement and configuration come under the PMP. After completion of the PMP documentation, budget, complications and result analysis, the final decision to approve the PMP is accomplished by the project manager or the sponsors who provide resources for the project. A number of professional certifications for project management are provided by top class institutions and universities.