Eyebrow Lamination is an innovative and noninvasive procedure that is used to make thin, gapping and bushy brows look fuller and neater. It has become very popular for many people worldwide because it is effective and safe. Plus, it makes brows appear thicker. The process generally takes less than an hour to complete and can be done in one clinical visit. Typically, lamination lasts up to eight weeks. Brows will look fuller and thicker and will also have more definition. In addition, they will have a smoother appearance after lamination. Brows will also appear polished have a glossy sheen that makes them standout. This is one of the best solutions for thin, gapping and unruly eyebrows. It is also a great way to fix brows that have been over plucked. Lamination is affordable and is designed to make eyebrows look fuller and shapelier.